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The ombudsman is an instrument of internal and external communication for the participation of political agents, civil servants, employees e  citizens, which aims to improve the services provided by the Legislative Power to society, ensuring that interested parties submit complaints, suggestions , praise or other manifesto referring to legislative, parliamentary, administrative and other public services that must be provided by the Limeira do Oeste City Council.
Manifestations can be forwarded to the Ombudsman through the forms or through one of the channels below. It can also be anonymous (without the need to register) or identified.
The deadline for responding to a manifestation is 20 (twenty) days, extendable for another 10 (ten) days, upon justification, after,  admissibility that must be verified within 3 (three) business days .


Responsible: Municipality of Limeira do Oeste
Phone/Zap : (34) 3453-1029
In-person office hours : Monday to Friday from 7:00 am to 1:00 pm
Avenida Copacaba, 630, Jardim Humaitá


CHOOSE Form type   for your manifest

The applicant follows the complete process of the manifest in real time through the informed electronic channels

The applicant will be able to follow the history of the manifest on this portal.

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